Saturday, April 11, 2009

The amazing Prendolyn the Weird!!

Ya this is an aweful picture of me, but I wanted to show the wonderful hat I received, it will be traveling to Colorado with me this week! :)
Thanks Zenzo!
This is the most amazing bag I have ever gotten or bought myself!! Pren is so AMAZING!!!!!
MMMM Knit Picks yarn and Twilight yummies!
Everything was wrapped in broen paper with various stamps from all over! Very creative!
Awesome stitch markers and a pin...Sorry the stitch maker didn't come though on the pic :(
All my loot!! The glass jar of buttons came from Zenzo, Pren's house elf, he has been collectiong several clippings and buttons off my fellow Slytherins just for fact have gave it to Pren saying "nicked for dear Miss Crookshanks crafty craftings" SO cute!!! (Sorry my fellow Slytherins if you are missing some buttons or hair ribbons....

The bag, stitch makers and pin came from Pren's family owned shop called Wilcox Wizard Wears. The bag is from a line called Not Housey Hogwarts House Wear...meaning that I can carry all my knitting gear in a great green and silver bag without Slytherin stamped across it!

This has been the most creative and awesome swap I have ever been included in! Thank you so much Pren for all the time you took to put my stuff together!! You rock!

PS....Sorry your owl Archimedes has taken so long to return he was quite happy here resting for a few days. Plus I just found the best owl treats!

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Hermione Bagnold said...

Pren is pretty awesome, isn't she? ;) Your kit looks fantastic, and that hat looks GREAT on you! :)