Saturday, January 31, 2009

Potions and Stuff

1. Name the two known Potions professors at Hogwarts during the books. Include which book(s) each of them were professors during.Severus Snape in books 1-5 and  Horace Slughorn in books 6 and 7
2. Name the five pieces of equipment that a student of Potions is expected to have.
Cauldron, knife, mortar and pestle, potion making kit and brass scales....hmm anyone seen my pestel?  Must find it!
3. Give me the name and the person who invented the potion that is used as a remedy for the common cold.It is called the Pepperup Potion.  I am pretty sure it was invented by Glover Hipworth
4. What does the Polyjuice potion do? Name at least four of the ingredients. Tell me at least two of the characters who used this potion in the books and tell me what it did to them.
You will need a part of the person you would like to be..maybe a hair, a bit of knotgrass, bicorn horn, and flies.  After taking this potion this person wi
ll turn into the person the "used" for an hour.  Harry used it in the COS to turn into Goyle and then it was used in GOF to turn Crouch into Mad Eye Moody.

5. What is a bezoar and what is it used for?
I should know this first hand, opps I wasn't supposed to say that!  Anyways it is a stone from a goats tummy that stops a poison for working on you.
6. Tell me what the Amorentia potion is. What would yours smell like?
Ahh the famous love potion...I am a romatic so mine would probly smell like roses and maybe sandalwood:)
7. Name three Potions ingredients that can be found in the Muggle world. What are each of these items used for in each situation? How to Muggles and Wizards use these things differently? 
~Ginger root is used in in the wit sharpening potion (to make you smarter) and in the muggle world they use it for landscaping and cooking
~Leeches are used in the polyjuice potion and in the muggle world they are used for removing blood build up...well they don't do so much anymore.
~Passionflower juice is used in the love potion in the muggle world we use passionflower as a beautiful vine in lanscaping....I have 3 at my house:)  See pic
8. What is your favorite Potion and why?
I ould have to say the Murlap Essence....Specially when I burnt my finger last week!  Man it still hurts!  It did save me a trip to Madame Pomferys:)

9. There are at least two Potions which are mentioned as being illegal to the students at Hogwarts, but they get used in the series. Which two are these and what do they do?
Love potion is illegal to us students can't have people falling in  love with out the choice! 
The polyjuice potion is also illegal since the professores would not know if we were really who we say we are...Giggles!!

10. Name the three ingredients in the Draught of the Living Death. In what year do the Hogwarts students brew this potion?
it is made during the 6th year.  Ingredients: 
asphodel, an infusion of wormwood, valerian root, sopophorous bean 

11. We all know that Remus Lupin is a werewolf. During his time teaching at Hogwarts, Snape makes him the wolfsbane potion to counteract some of these nasty effects. There is one ingredient which Lupin says will render the effects useless. What is this ingredient and why is it important? 
This potion tastes aweful so one would think that adding sugar would help, WRONG it will make taking the potion useless.  Here's hoping he has a stomach made of steel!!

Man that was a difficult assignment!!

Snitch on a pouch

Here is my pouch for my flying class at Hogwarts.  It was only my second time doing color work so keep that in mind while checking out my picture.  I pulled my floats too tight therefore making my snitch pucker a bit.  I still like the way it came out and I am hoping to line it with some really cool yellow swirly material!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Potions Homework

Since our class takes place in the dungeon we were asked to make a pair of fingerless mittens.  I have been wanting to make myslef a pair for a long time and this was a great way to motivate myself!  I used Jitterbug sock yarn in purple.  These were so much fun to make!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Snitch time!

We were required to make a snitch and then we were asked to add our own personal flare.  I added tiny glass beads to the it took way longer than I thought!!  Here it is!

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

Our homework for the Hogwarts little bit of everything swap (Magical Creatures) was to create a kitty of any make out of amything.  After much time spent hunting for a pattern I came up with this itty kitty right off the top of my head:)

My first ever sweater!!

I have been wanting to show off the sweater I made for my Mom at Christmas time.  It is the Cable luxe tunic from Lion Brand.  You can find all the details on my donkeyeggs.  It was my first ever sweater and I was terriefied of all the picked up stitches.  And as it turns out it looks better to knit them seperate and then sew them together!  Anyways here are some pics of my moms sweater!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Barn Owl-Homework

The barn owl is a light colored, long wing and legged bird.  Thier tails are fairly square.  The easiest way to distingish a barn owl from a true owl is by the shape of the tail.  The way its face is shaped gives it an odd appearance as if it wearing a mask.  They range in color from very pale browns to darks grey and black.  Going against the beleif that all owls hoot this one screams...screech screech.  Sometimes it is know to also hiss like a snake.  When captured it flials on its back exposing its tallons at the preadator.  It likes to live in farmlands, grasslands and some wooded areas.  

The Barn Owl primarly feeds on small rodents.  It flys silently along the edge of the forest hunting for its prey.  Studies have shown that they tend to eat one rodent a night.  It has great hearing.  It can hunt at night without thier sight.  The barn owl builds its own nest in places like: tree stumps, cliffs, And even in attics and chimneys.  The usualyy have up to a half a dozen eggs. They are threatened by racoons, hawks and varoius carnivorous mammals.  Here is a few pictures of a barn owl.

Apparation Quiz

I hope I am not to late with my homework...I finished it a few days ago, but it has taken me a while to get the pics off the camera.  I made mine in green and white since I didn't have anything in grey or silver...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Puppy!!

Hi everyone!  I wanted to take this opertunity and introduce you to my newest family member: Meriadoc Brandbuck.  He is a pure bred Keeshonden.  We named him after the hobbit Meri in Lord of the Rings.  My o4 year old Keeshonden is named Pippin so it just seemed like the right name!  We have had him for over 2 weeks now and let me tell you he is a rambuncious little guy!  And he loves to get a hold of my current projects and play with the yarn.  He is so cute is is hard to stay mad at him for very long....without futher ado here he is.....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Long Time No Blog....

Wow it has been a while since I have been on here!!  Man so much has happened since last month!  Christmas sure takes up a lot of my time since this year almost everybody got a knitted gift!  I made a sweater, blanket, dishclothes, bag, scarves and hats for Christmas gifts!  Whew!  I am hoping to make myself something after I finish my dads socks!  I am thinking of trying a lace scarf....hmmm we shall see.

Anyways my Christmas was great even though most of my family is in Colorado.  It was a very quite day spent with my loved ones.  We spent the morning opening gifts and the rest of the day I spent cooking:)  I made some truffles which came out wonderfully!  They were a pain to make but so worth it in the long run!  And I also made bread pudding....I don't like bread pudding but everyone else does so I gave in and decided that I would make it for them.  I am thinking I will only be doing that for holidays thought HEHE....

I hope to post some pice of the Christmas gifts I made soon....and pics of my new puppy!!  I hope everyone had a great holiday!