Friday, April 3, 2009

Guilty Pleasures Swap

Okay here are my amazing pics of the most wonderful swap box ever!!! Brynna has spoiled me far and beyond!! First she sent me a huge envelope and in it was a picture from La Push, second beach I think it was. It is the most amazing picture ever! For those who don't know La Push is where Jacob from Twilight is from :) And I am a HUGE Twilight fan!!!! And that was the theme of my box I just received! She made me not one but TWO pairs of wrist warmers! All made with yarn dyed by her!!! Totally awesome!! She sent me several liitle twilight thins, button, sticker and braclets. She made me a beautiful butterfly necklace! In red and black of course! I got two skiens of yarn! One called "Rainy Day in Forks" and a skien of Mmmmal in a very vampy color!! Two bottels of oil for my burner. A Namaste case for holding needles. A diamond socks pattern (diamonds for Edward cause he sparkles) Oh and a pair od Addi Turbo lace!! Yay! Brynna you are so awesome!!

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Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

wow! What a wonderful package, so glad you are happy!