Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Slytherin Quiz

1. Are you a sock knitter? Well I have completed one sock so far but I can see that sock knitting will become a big part of my life! What are your foot measurements? Hmmm I'm not real sure how to measure, but I wear a size 7 1/2
2. Do you have a yarn winder and/or a swift? Yes my honey :) Other than him no.
3. Where/how do you keep you needles/hooks? In a big ugly plastic bin, but would like to have something cool and pretty! Something to hold my circs would be cool!
4. Do you collect anything? You mean besides yarn?! I like butterflies and fairies.
5. What is your favorite type of music? I like just about everything, LOVE Tim Mcgraw! Not big on rap. Are you mp3 ready? Yep
6. Do you like sweets? Yes, but I am trying to lose weight What are your favorites? Hmm I love milk chocolate, but I love almost all kinds of fruit
7. What is your living situation like? Any pets? Children? I have one dog and no kids.
8. Do you have an online wish list (Amazon, Etsy, Loopy Ewe, etc.)? Please include links for your swap pal. I have been meaning to make me a few wish lists, but I haven't gotten there yet.
9. Favorite Harry Potter movie character? I have had thios converstaion with my parner, it is so hard to pick just one! I am drawn to Tonks because of her free spirt. She reminds me of me! I love Fred and George! Well all the Weasleys!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quidditch Round One

1. At the beginning of the book, Cornelius Fudge is talking to the Muggle Prime Minister. Which member of the Order of the Phoenix has recently been found dead?

a. Hestia Jones

b. Elphais Doge

c. Emmeline Vance

d. Dedalus Diggle

2. What animal does Bellatrix Lestrange kill when she and her sister, Narcissa, are going to see Professor Snape?

a. Owl

b. Fox

c. Rabbit

d. Cat

3. What time does Professor Dumbledore collect Harry from Privet Drive?

a. Midnight

b. 11 p.m.

c. Noon

d. 11 a.m.

4. What did Professor Sluhorn transform into when he was trying to hide from Harry and Professor Dumbledore?

a. An armchair

b. A bed

c. A table

d. A wardrobe

5. What grade did Harry get for Herbology?

a. E – Exceeds Expectation

b. P – Poor

c. O – Outstanding

d. A – Acceptable

6. Herbert Chorley, the Prime Minister’s Junior Minster, has been entertaining the public by impersonating which animal?

a. A hen

b. A duck

c. A lion

d. A squirrel

7. What is Professor Sprout’s first name?

a. Pimmy

b. Pomony

c. Pommy

d. Pomona

8. What is Dumbledore’s idea of ‘a few words’?

a. nitwit, odder, blubber rand tweak

b. nitwit, odder, bubblegum and tweak

c. nitwit, oddment, bubblegum and tweak

d. nitwit, oddment, blubber and tweak

9. Who is Marcus Belby’s famous uncle?

a. Bertie

b. Damocles

c. Tiberius

d. Savage

10. What is Snape’s mother’s name?

a. Helana Prince

b. Eileen Prince

c. Lily Prince

d. Elizabeth Prine

Monday, September 22, 2008

Picture Day!!

This picture was taken last summer. My mum came to visit me and we went swimming with dolphins!! The place we went is called Discovery Cove in Orlando, it is part of Seaworld. What an amazing place!! The dolphin I am with in this pic is Dot. She was just over a year old and they chose our group start with her socliazation. I was the first person to kiss her! Man what a day!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Harry Potter Husband

Your result for The Harry Potter Husband Test ...
Mrs. Lupin
Your perfect HP man is Remus Lupin.
You like a nice, kind guy with a bit of a fierce streak and you don't mind if he comes damaged. Sure, he may take some convincing since his self-esteem's so low, but once you win him over, you know he's yours for life. Unless of course he has an attack of "I'm not good enough" and runs away, but luckily he's also good at making friends who will push him back into line if necessary.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yet another Slytherin Quiz

1. Potter Name: Ophelia Crookshanks
2. Rav ID: donkeyeggs
3. I am allergic to: Smoke
4. Pets that I have: I have a 3 year old Keeshonden, who is my pride and joy! see pic
5. My favorite yarn: Cascade, Malabrigo, Drean in Color....anything soft!
6. If you are a Ravenclaw, do you prefer the film colors or the book colors? Ha I'm a SLYTHERIN ::evil laugh::
7. My favorite flavor: I must say pink, but I am open to alomst everything
8. My favorite holiday: Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas Oh I think I will have to say Christmas, even though I am far away from my family
9. I would like to receive a: (Sock kit, scarf kit or yarn dyeing kit) I love the idea of the sock kit, but I love them all! I will leave that up to my partner to decide!
10. List your favorite brand of needles or hooks, including size and length: I like Knit Picks harmony wood circs and dps...In dps I only have size 2 so any other sizes would be great! For circs I prefer Addi Turbo and I just started my collection of those so anything over a size 6 would be great....For straight needles I have just discovred Lantern Moon Straight needles Which I love....I like the short ones in a size 13 would great!
11. Is there a brand that you are dying to try?: I will try just about anything once...I like wood over metal though
12. I’ve participated in HSKS: (How many times have you participated in HSKS swaps?) this is my first year ::blushes::
13. Do you have a birthday during this swap? If so which day? Nope my B-day was in August

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Slytherin Quiz #2

1. Do you knit and/or crochet Both
2. How long have you been at your craft? Knitting for less than a year...Crochet for a little over...I consider myself and intermediate knitter and advanced crocheter
3. Do you spin? Not as of yet, but I have been thinking of giving it a try...just have to find some extra time
4. What type of spinning do you do (drop spindle or wheel)? See above answer
5. Are there any other crafts that you participate in? I LOVE painting when I can find time, Cross stitch and some beading
6. What are your favorite yarns/fibers? Well I am dying to find some Handmaiden, but I like Malabrigo, Prism, Cascade, Dream in Color, Some Noro
7. What are your LEAST favorite yarns/fibers? Don't like acrylic, but I am drawn to anything soft:)
8. Are there any types/brands of yarn that you are dying to work with but haven’t gotten a chance? Handmaiden
9. What are your favorite types of projects to knit/crochet? Well I just discovered sock so I will be making many many more! I like lace work, shawls and scarves....knit and crochet
10. What are you currently working on? A cabled afgan for a Christmas gift, A little lace bag, and a tiny mousey for my friends cats
11. Anything you plan to start this autumn? A lace scarf, and a few other things I have lined up for Christmas gifts and possibly a pair of socks
12. What is your favorite Finished Object? (Please, post a picture if you would like.) Hmmm I think that would have to be the crochet lace shawl I made for Laura
13. Are their any knitting/crochet techniques that you would like to learn? I am open to anything new and interesting:)

My First Sock!!

Yay! I just finished my first sock! For those who don't know I have been wanting to try socks for a LONG time!! And well I was terrified of double pointed needles! All my experiences with them include tons of dropped stitches, anyways, I got a great pattern from Laura, alura on Rav, and my last swap partner Chris, aurea on rav. And thanks to them I dived into the wonderful world of socks! I am not 100% happy with my sock, but I just need to find a different pattern to fit what I have in my brain! So ya I'm hooked on socks!!!!