Saturday, January 10, 2009

Barn Owl-Homework

The barn owl is a light colored, long wing and legged bird.  Thier tails are fairly square.  The easiest way to distingish a barn owl from a true owl is by the shape of the tail.  The way its face is shaped gives it an odd appearance as if it wearing a mask.  They range in color from very pale browns to darks grey and black.  Going against the beleif that all owls hoot this one screams...screech screech.  Sometimes it is know to also hiss like a snake.  When captured it flials on its back exposing its tallons at the preadator.  It likes to live in farmlands, grasslands and some wooded areas.  

The Barn Owl primarly feeds on small rodents.  It flys silently along the edge of the forest hunting for its prey.  Studies have shown that they tend to eat one rodent a night.  It has great hearing.  It can hunt at night without thier sight.  The barn owl builds its own nest in places like: tree stumps, cliffs, And even in attics and chimneys.  The usualyy have up to a half a dozen eggs. They are threatened by racoons, hawks and varoius carnivorous mammals.  Here is a few pictures of a barn owl.

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