Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ancient Runes "Slippers"

Our homework was to make a pair of slippers and incoporate runes on out silppers some how.  Well I made a pair of slipper for my Grandpa who is in the hospital.  And well I didn't think that he would really know or care if I added any runes on them so Professor Kaae has offered me some extra credit if I do "something funny ore creative with runes (not on the slippers) I’ll slip you a little extra… ;)"
So I decided just to do somthing else so I wrote out a chart for my muggle name, Molly.  I then decided to make a wall hanging and use intarsia to make the runes.  Well then something funny happened.  You see I have only done a few color work projects, please keep that in mind:)  So I knitted my little wall hanging and when I was finished I was very pleased and happy with the way the color work came out.  Then I actually looked at t
he runes and if you notice I did the "oll" backwards!!!!  AHHHH!!  I was going to do it again but since she offered me a "funny" outlet I seem to have found it!  Here are some pics of my silly name:)


Hermione Bagnold said...

Yaaaaaaaaay, Mlloy! LOL The slippers look awesome! :)

Alura said...

Nice slippers!

Pren said...

nicley done!