Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Memories

Happy day after Halloween! Lol! Our homework for this week was to either post a pic or memory of past Halloweens. I don't have a picture of my favorite Halloween so I will do my best to ecribe it to you all. I was seven and my brother, Jack, was five. I had decided that we should dress up together and I wanted to do something really cool....remember I was only seven. After much consideration we decided to be a pair of dice. Mom picked up boxes that would fit around us and then we painted the boxes whits and added the dots on each side. Holes for arms and head and voila, a pair of dice:) We lived in Colorado Springs, so it was hiy or miss on what the weather would be. That year it was icy, snowy, and very cold. Mom drove us door to door trick or treating fearing we might catch a cold. We also went to the school carnival and get an honorable mention in the costume contest.

Am am going to show you a pic of my dog, Pippin. As you can see he wanted to be a cow on Halloween, but his costume was a bit too small:)


yarn4kalei said...

Hello! That is an adorable picture of Pippin. I am your dueling partner this round. Would you please send me an email with your address? You can email me at ur4kaleimllr(at)hotmail(dot)com. Thanks. Angelina Phoenixfire

Hermione Bagnold said...

What a cute Halloween memory! I can pretty much picture it in my mind!

I'm back to stalking til the pics of your kit go up... ;)

Pren said...

hahahaha! i like that "HE" wanted to be a cow. are you sure you didnt influence his choice at all? hahahaha